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Maddi’s Journey – Part 2 The Long Road Home

We’ve been waiting Maddi! Tell us what happened next after you flew over the fence and got washed away in the swollen river! Well, for starters let’s get one thing straight, I went out to let the coyote know who was boss! And did you do that? Sort of, you see  I think once I … Continue reading »

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Maddi’s Journey – Part One

Welcome back readers!  We thank Maddi for our return; her story captivated us, worried us, and renewed our faith in miracles and inspired us to want to tell her story. In Part One we’ll get to know Maddi, and then in Part Two she’ll tell us about her adventure.  Does that work for you Miss … Continue reading »

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Dogs of the World – East Coast West Coast Rico!

Welcome East Coast Rico!  All the way from the opposite side of our vast country! Tell us, where exactly do you live? I live in Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada! But I didn’t always live here.  At almost 9 months old I made a long, long trip in an RV (big camper on wheels) … Continue reading »

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