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Poo Review Crew – Waste bags revisited

Back in November we brought you a product review on eco-friendly biodegradable waste bags. the manufacturer of the bags contacted us and thought we might be interested in trying some of their other products (the one we’d reviewed the first time around was their eco-friendly biodegradable waste bags that break down at the 24mth … Continue reading »

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Camping With Dogs

Camping season is well under way; people are heading out to campsites with dogs, kids and family in tow. In order to have a happy successful trip with your dog there are some precautionary measures to consider before you go. Getting There: Your dog may be fine when you travel around the city and your … Continue reading »

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Dog Friendly Destination – Kreutz Creek Vineyards

Today we are speaking with Carole Kirkpatrick, one of the owners of a niche winery in Pennsylvania. Usually the West Coast Dogs wouldn’t be interested in wine or wineries but what makes Kreutz Creek stand out from the crowd is that it is a dog-friendly establishment.  Kreutz Creek goes above and beyond the simple, and … Continue reading »

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