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Rainy Day Dog Activities

Posted by on June 19, 2011

It’s raining again and as much as we don’t mind walking in the rain, someday we’d just prefer to stay indoors. But what to do to amuse the dogs when they aren’t able to have a long relaxing walk outside?

Here are some ideas from the West Coast Dogs:

1. Have a photo shoot – have some treats handy, try some new poses, model some collars or clothes and let your dog be a star for a day.

2. Do some dog-friendly baking – there are many simple recipes for dog biscuits available online that don’t need a lot of specialty ingredients.

3. Give your dog a spa treatment – you may not feel like doing the whole bath routine, but you can still give your dog some quality grooming time. Brush him, massage dog safe lotion into his paw pads and finish with a gentle all over massage.

4. Play games – dig out the treat ball, or create some treat obstacles for your dog. Put your dog in the bathroom for a few moments, while you set up the treat obstacles around the house. Use boxes or upturned wastebaskets and create a variety of places for your dog to hunt for his treats. If you don’t have any boxes you can also use blankets or towels and let your dog rummage through them to find the treats.

5. Do a craft activity – read about our plaster paws experience.

6. Have a food sampling party – slice up apples, bananas, carrots, cauliflower and let your dog sample some new tastes and textures.

7. Teach your dog a new trick – this will keep your dog mentally stimulated and reinforce your bond.

8. If you live in a house with stairs, get your dog to sit and stay at the bottom, then call him to come up. Repeat and repeat as necessary to give your dog some much needed exercise.

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  1. BUFFY

    Tiggy and Holly – u 2 r so cute together in ur photo, just like husband and wife lol luv Buffy X

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