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Maddi’s Journey – Part One

Posted by on July 23, 2015

Welcome back readers!  We thank Maddi for our return; her story captivated us, worried us, and renewed our faith in miracles and inspired us to want to tell her story.

YesIn Part One we’ll get to know Maddi, and then in Part Two she’ll tell us about her adventure.  Does that work for you Miss Maddi?

Sure Tigs, let’s tell my story!

But where to begin?  Let’s start at the beginning, or Maddi’s beginning and let’s hear it directly from her.  Sure that ruins the ending but I knew you were going to scroll down to that bit first anyways.

Tell us how you came to be with your family Maddi

It all began, one day  almost 8 years ago when my my Auntie Gayle and Cousin Sammy Jo….

Really? Sammy Jo?  I’ve always wanted a cousin named Sammy Jo.  Sorry, where were you….

Anyways, so they were driving the long lonely drive to Gramma’s house on the empty barren country roads. They turned on the road that is almost to the town Gramma lives in when they spotted something by the side of the road.  That something was me.  I was red, very little, very cold, very tired, very hungry and yes, very scared.

The truck screeched to a stop and they both jumped out and called for me but I turned and ran.  And well, I was no match for Speedy Sammy Jo.  She scooped me up and into the truck and snuggled me for the rest of the journey to Gramma’s house.

Did I mention it was wintertime? 

No, was it?

Yes, and that’s why I was so cold.  It was December, and it was getting close to someone’s birthday.  Not my birthday but my future human Daddy’s birthday.  Daddy was hoping to get a Labrador Retriever dog for his birthday and his wife was looking for one for him.  She was looking at rescues and the pound.  They already had a name picked out for their future dog, she was going to be called 9Cedars Madeline.  Anyways, so my future Auntie called my future Mom to tell her that she’d found a dog (me!) on her way to check on Gramma’s house.  Auntie said, “She is SO cute, she’s just little and doesn’t even have her teeth yet,  and I think she might be part Labrador Retriever!”  So Mom, glanced at Dad, and knowing he wanted a Labrador Retriever she said to Auntie, “Bring Madeline Home!”  And well, the rest is history.

*sniffs and wipes leaky eyes*  That’s a great gotcha story Maddi!

So, what type of Labrador Retriever are you?

Welllll (looks around for Daddy)…I’m actually a mixed breed.

Mixed?  You mean multi-breed don’t you?

Yes, sure Tigs.  I’m a multi-breed.

Dr. Bob thinks I am part Heeler and part Golden Retriever.  Mommie thinks that Dr Bob picks breeds he knows people like and tries to get them into whatever dog they have (Aunti Gayle has a heeler) and they added the golden part after Fletcher moved in :).  I am usually a very friendly dog and am well-behaved.  I get along very well with most animals and humans too.  I do have the coyote thing going on though.

Uh coyote thing?

Part two Tigs, part two.

So tell us more, for instance, who do you live with?

I live out in the country with Mommie, Daddy, my dog brother Fletcher and my Kitty sister Poppy.  We have 10 horses, 2 cows and about a zillion poultry.  I LOVE my big family and I get along very well with most animals but I will chase some like rats. mice and coyotes.

Me and the FletcherMe and Fletcher

I HATE coyotes.  Mommie is not sure why except that I think I am a livestock protection dog and coyotes try to kill my charges.  I take losing a poultry very seriously and when that happens I am a coyote chasing fool.

Poultry WatchGetting acquainted with the poultry

What part of the world do you live in Maddi?

I live way out in the country in Oklahoma.  There are only 5 houses on the mile square we live on.  Two of the miles in the square have no houses at all so it is kind of way out there if you know what I mean.  I don’t really see a lot of people out here just Sheila the mailman, and Auntie Gayle and Mommie and Daddy, my hoosis Audra and Brother in law Warren and CHAD!!!!  Chad is my little Hoonephew and he is so cute and sweet and I LOVE him so much.  Even isolated like we are I am a very good friendly girl.

FarmingFarm Dog

Well it sounds like you live a very happy busy life on the farm taking care of the chickens and such.  So, is this the happily ever after part?

Well, not exactly you see, it began like this….It was very early morning on May 15th (like about 2am)  when Mommie let us out to go potty.  We were having BAD thunderstorms so she never dreamed I would try to chase anything.  Well sure enough she caught sight of me flying over the gate.


Well yes, as many don’t realize I am magic and I can fly.  Well to be more specific, I can fly OUT of the gate but for some reason I can’t fly back IN.  When I want to come back in that requires Mommie coming outside and opening the gate for me.  So that night, Mommie ran out in the rain and lightning and called to me, but for some reason I just kept going when she tried to call me back.  She figures I was after coyotes or I would have minded as I usually mind quite well unlike my brother Fletcher who only minds a little.  I hate coyotes and when I see them I forget to mind.

So, it’s dark, it’s rainy, there are thunderstorms, you’ve flown over the gate, and you aren’t heeding the calls to return, is that about right?

Basically yes, but the reason I went out was to let the coyote know who was boss and tell him to get away from my poultry.  I think that once I got to whereever the coyote ran that I ended up in a pack situation and was in a little over my head.  I also think that due to the fact that we had been in a six-year drought and were getting massive amounts of rain this significantly changed the landscape.  I think I was most likely headed home on a path that I usually use when the path turned in to a wash out raging river.   The humans think I was literally washed away and when I got out of the flooding had been taken far enough away that I honestly had no idea where I was. 

Yes, Tigs it wasn’t a good situation….

And then?

Well, that’s enough storytelling for today.  I told you I’m a working dog and I have work to do.  We’ll get to the rest of the story soon enough.

Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Snuggling with the staffYep, I’m a working dog

16 Responses to Maddi’s Journey – Part One

  1. Talulah

    I’m worried – wot happened next?

  2. Talulah

    I’m worried…wot happened next?

  3. Scout Bowran

    Boy oh boy, I won’t be able to sleep until I can read Part 2 :0 I’m reading this while I am on holiday, and this is way more exciting than the old Hardy Boy books Mom gave me.

  4. Fletcher Ray Meade

    Hey I mind!!!!!!

  5. Patty

    Oh my goodness…hurry up the suspense is killing me

  6. Sherman DaDane

    (Sherman) Iz was told yooz magic. Udder den flyin, wut else can yooz dooz?

  7. Pinto Bean aka Pinto du Soleil

    coyoteez an ah rage’n ribba??? wow wot ah skar’wee ah’benchur! i kant wate fo pawt 2

  8. Lanie Lorraine Rose

    Can’t wait for part two…..

  9. Carol McEwing-Anderson

    I’m sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting for the next episode!

  10. Jupiter

    Holy cat! I’m on the edge of my seat…part 2 !!!!!

  11. jackieboy

    So far, excellent, waiting with bated breath.

  12. Nikki B

    This is riveting! I’m on the edge of my seat…. I do love a happy ending…. waiting for part 2

  13. Venus Masakowski

    Wonderful story Tigs, so glad your magazine is back. The world has been waiting. But when is Part 2 coming out????????? We are waiting! Venus and Belle

    • admin

      Part two is worth waiting for….expect it by early August.

  14. Secci Jones


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