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Maddi’s Journey – Part 2 The Long Road Home

Posted by on August 3, 2015

We’ve been waiting Maddi! Tell us what happened next after you flew over the fence and got washed away in the swollen river!

happy maddi in truckWell, for starters let’s get one thing straight, I went out to let the coyote know who was boss!

And did you do that?

Sort of, you see  I think once I got to where ever the coyote ran, I ended up in a pack situation and let’s just say I was a little over my head.  I also think that due to the fact that we had been in a 6-year drought and were getting massive amounts of rain that I was most likely headed home on a path that I usually use when the path turned in to a washed out raging river.   They think I was literally washed away and when I got out of the flooding had been taken far enough that I honestly had no idea where I was. 

Wow, sounds terrifying!

It was, Tigs, trust me, it really was.

The good news is I was found.  The bad news is, I was very hurt. 

The people who found me took me to a place called Lawton Animal Welfare (this is amazing as we live over 20 miles from Lawton Animal Welfare.  No one can tell Mommy where I was picked up and who turned me in only that I was very dehydrated, very hungry, very beat up and needed hip replacement surgery.

The good folks at Lawton Animal Welfare decided I needed a vet and called Dr Black to ask her to open her clinic and take me in.   It was a weekend and she was attending a bowling event.  Despite this, she put aside her plans and came to see me.  I am so happy she did, I feel like this was a pivotal moment in my rescue, and I credit her with saving my life.

Three cheers for Dr. Black!

But what about your Mom and Dad?  Did they know you were there? 

Mommy and Daddy had been checking Animal Welfare at least 2 times a week but since it was a weekend and I was so badly injured, I don’t think I even made it into the welfare building, instead I was taken away by the wonderful Dr. Black.

Dr. Black did my surgery.  I needed a total hip replacement.  She decided that she was not sending me back to the pound because was worried that I may have had a hard time being adopted.   Instead Dr. Black took me home to recover and decided if no one claimed me she would keep me.  She had 2 beautiful little girls and a nice Mr. Dr. Black and they decided to call me Red Black :)

  Maddi hip

Then what happened?

Well I was supposed to stay put and recover and settle into my new home.  Dr. Black had no idea that my parents were checking the pounds of multiple cities for me even though they are all 15 miles plus away from where I went missing.

Weren’t you afraid and missing your family?

Of course Tigs.  I missed them all, Mommy, Daddy, Fletcher, Poppy, and Winston (who I later found had to go to the Bridge while I was gone).  I missed EVERYTHING so bad that the first time I was allowed outside by my self, I did something bad.

Uh oh, what did you do Maddi?

Well, with only three working legs and on heavy meds that made me want to sleep a lot, I dug under Dr Black’s fence and I was gone again.

This time it wasn’t the country side that I knew, it was a city with big busy roads full of cars and oh so many strange and different frightening things. I was so scared, but I was still determined to get home.  This time I had no intentions of being caught by anyone that did NOT KNOW who I was and where I BELONGED again.  I didn’t want to be taken to another shelter, I had to find my way home!

Everything in the city is strange,  the smells, the people, the sights.  This is NO place for a country dog!  I was so lost and not sure what to do or where to go.

Besides the hip injury, was anything else wrong with you?

Sadly yes.  I had multiple wounds consistent with “dog” or coyote fights.  I was very thin, having lost 28 pounds. 

Lost in the big city, sore from surgery, recovering from wounds, and not knowing where to go.  What happened next Maddi?

As I read the posts on my FaceBook timeline so many of you told me to find a nice person and go to them. It was very confusing for me to be in the city. There was so much going on around me and so many people I was unsure of.

Mommy told me at nightime she would lay there and beg me to please just find someone I trusted and go to them, that they would help me get back to her.  She also told me to go back to Dr Black if I could cause she would help me too.

We did that too Maddi, we visualized you alone in the dark and we tried to will you to come out from where you were and find your way home.

Well all that hoping and praying and wishing seemed to work. I finally realized that Miss Michelle was that person I could trust and so even though at first I wanted to run something told me to trust her and go to her.

This is how she tells it:

I live over in the area where Maddi was seen last, I only knew this because I saw on FB about Maddi. I shared it on my wall. This is going to sound really strange but I had a feeling I would find her, I don’t know, just a gut feeling. I didn’t think much of it though because out of all the people in Lawton what were the chances? I met a lady at Wal-Mart on 67th to sell her a toddler bed and afterwards my five-year old son asked if we could look around at some yard sales. So we visited a few before grabbing a drink at McDonald’s. My two year old spilled his drink so we were headed home. I noticed he was asleep as I turned south onto 67th, for some reason I drove past my turn to home and figured we would head further south and look for some sales in those neighborhoods. Coming up to the stripes on 67th and Gore I glanced over and saw a dog. At first I didn’t think much until I noticed the bald hip and how she wasn’t using her leg at all. I felt bad for her because she seemed lost, that’s when I realized it was Maddi. I pulled into stripes but once I got out of my van she went into the traffic.  I turned onto Gore and called Warren to verify it was her.  I got back onto 67th going south and pulled into that turning lane that doesn’t really go anywhere and got out. At first she was scared and tried to go back towards the west. I called Warren again because I was just going to follow her until someone could get her.  For some reason she came back, I opened the door and she jumped in.  Our dog Putty immediately laid next to her where he stayed until she was reunited with her mom and dad.  It’s funny because once she was in my van it started pouring rain, it stopped during the reunion and started up again on my way home. I can’t even imagine what she had been through but she trusted me enough to get into my van and get her to safety.  I’m glad I got to help bring her home and the search is over. I pray she recovers quickly and never gets out again.

Wow Maddi! Thank goodness you decided to trust her!

I was so happy to loaded into her van with her beautiful children and cute Mr Putty!

I can never thank Dr Black and Miss Michelle enough. I am so glad that even though I did not have my FaceBook I could still feel the love and prayers.  I felt so many guardian angels watching over me and pushing me to find Miss Michelle, my rescuer.

I LOVE you all so much!

Happy Maddi in the grass with FletcherLoving my life again (with Fletcher)

What was it like to see your family?  What did you do when you got home?
I went inside and told Mommy all about EVERYTHING that had happened to me!

Then ate a BIG meal and tried to take Fletcher’s dinner too.  I have been doing both since I have been home.  I also try to keep Mommy’s hand on me at all times and follow her about.  I sleep on the side of her bed and she has to hang her hand off it so I can touch her.  I also keep trying to steal Fletcher’s dinner hehehe.  Oh and I am eating treats like I have not had any for over a month BOL!!  Oh and did I mention that I LOVE to talk!!

And, Miss Maddi, how are you feeling?
I am feeling very good now.  Dr Black said it will be at least 6 months for me to heal.  I was missing total of  43 days it was hard and sometimes I felt like giving up  but I was lucky and I am now home.  I am now HAPPY at home where I can push Fletcher around, eat all the food I want make Mommy sit with her hand on me and did I mention JILL cookies?! I am so very happy to be back.  I am also healing physically and Dr Black thinks I will make a full recovery!

maddi hip injuryOn the mend after a swim

What does the future hold for you?
Everything!  I feel like I have been given a second life.  I know I was close to being lost forever and I plan on taking this second chance and making the most of it.  I am so thankful for everyone that cared, prayed, loved, hoped, shared my story on FaceBook and wished me well.  I am also thankful for all my guardian angels that I know are at the bridge watching over me.  I LOVE everyone so much and THANK YOU ALL!

And they lived happily ever after?

Yes, Tigs, they did.

7 Responses to Maddi’s Journey – Part 2 The Long Road Home

  1. Jupiter

    Best story ever!!! Hurray Maddi dog!!!

  2. Fletcher Ray Meade

    YAY we got are sister home wif us!!!!!

  3. Talulah

    It’s a miracle

  4. barbara

    thank heavens a happy ending for a precious pup

  5. Scout bowran

    Wow! Just finished reading part two of Maddie’s adventure… She is very lucky to be back at home and to have Dr Black and Miss Michelle help her along the way. 😀

  6. Venus Masakowski

    Beautiful story, with a beautiful ending!

  7. Beauregard Thompson

    This story still makes me cry with happiness. You are amazing Maddi!

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