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Dogs of the World – Welcome Talulah from Wanaka, New Zealand!

Posted by on April 3, 2013

Welcome Talulah!

Fabulous Me

Fabulous Me

Thank you for joining us today all the way from beautiful New Zealand!

this is where i live

Before you tell us about your home town, we’re wondering, how did you get your name?

They, the humans, went through a baby names book and stopped at T.

This is me enhancing the scenery

This is me enhancing the scenery

And tell us, where exactly is Wanaka?

It is in New Zealand.

New Zealand?  What is it like there?

Well, I live right beside a glacial lake in the Southern Alps.

Wow! Like in the Sound of Music?

Yes well, sort of.  It is very beautiful place.  We have snow capped mountains in the winter with four ski fields within thirty minutes of my house.



What’s it like in the summertime?

In the summer we have lots of fun with biking, hiking, boating and swimming in the lake when it is usually very hot!

How long have you lived there?

My family picked me up from my breeder’s house when I was a puppy which is almost seven years ago now.  I realized that leaving the place I was born was a superb opportunity for me to train my new family.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

How did that work out for you?

Well basically I cried for three nights straight after which time I was moved into the main bedroom which I now consider basically mine.  Then I claimed all the furniture and refused to eat anything but gourmet Organic food.  Now I know you’re thinking ‘Oh, she’s difficult.’  Allow me to clarify, I am not difficult, I am special and I just like being with the family.

What breed are you Talulah?

I’m an authentic punk Princess – nah not really.  I’m a proud and particular Chinese Crested.

Chinese Crested did you say?

Yep, I’m fairly rare and rather than being classified like most dogs as Canis lupus I am classified as Canis Africanus.

You are?

I am.  My particular breed is characterized by being hairless, having no inner eye lids, fully jointed paws (I can climb well) and tusk like teeth.

Sounds very unique, is that all?

No of course that’s not all.  Chinese Crested’s have a preference for a very mixed diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  Also we have a very strong drive to be close to our humans, I like to keep one by my side at all times.

Boat hairdo

Boat hairdo

Interesting.  Now tell us a bit more about life in Wanaka, New Zealand.

enjoying my world

enjoying my world

Is your city dog friendly?

The main thing is I am friendly in my town and that is what matters.

I go most places because I am quite well known.  We simply ignore the dog ban in the Central Business District and as a result I am able to enjoy shopping.  To date this excludes cafes and movie theatres but I am actively working on them.

Do they have dog parks near to where you live?

There are parks dogs can go in but no actual dedicated ‘dog parks’.

Are there any particular places you like to go walking?

Anywhere not on a lead and preferably away from traffic, but I really prefer to be driven round in a car, in a kayak, ship or truck.

Out for a swim

Out for a swim

Can dogs go in restaurants?


Can dogs go on public transit?


Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?


I am the only dog in town who wears clothes!  Basically I have to when it’s cold and for sun protection in summer and for style and elegance during other times of the year.

Do most people have dogs there?

No, but a lot of people love dogs.  I attribute that to my positive influence on the region as a whole.

What is the climate like?

Climatically this area is characterized by four distinct seasons.  Rainfall is very low so it is a dry environment.  We typically have cold crisp winter days with clear blue skies then a stunningly fresh spring.  This is followed by a hot dry summer with temperatures around 25 degrees and long balmy evenings.  We are on the 45th parallel so sunset in summer is around 10pm, then Autumn is gorgeous with many deciduous trees a blaze of colour paired with raw mornings and clear windless days.  The air is very clean and the water very pure.

It sounds very beautiful there.

So, what is your favourite local treat to eat?

Cake, cookies and tofu but I’m not allowed any of them so it’s steak – rare, sliced up in even pieces.

Naked boating...

Naked boating…

And, then what do dogs do for fun there?

Dogs, like their owners are usually lucky enough to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle here.  For example; one of our friends takes his dog cross-country skiing and on fishing expeditions.  Personally I like to chase wild rabbits and go boating.  Generally I am happiest joining in with whatever the family is doing.  I like chilling on the sofa and going on adventures round the garden which is huge (I have a lot of freedom).

Sounds like you are living the good life Talulah!

Body Surfing Sweetheart

Body Surfing Sweetheart

Thank you for allowing us to peek inside your world today.

15 Responses to Dogs of the World – Welcome Talulah from Wanaka, New Zealand!

  1. HelenSugarplums Golden

    We loved this! Thanks Tallulah!

  2. lily beigestein

    awesome interview with our lovely friend Talulah !!!!!!

  3. Jackieboy

    This was excellent. You have your hoomans trained well.

  4. talulah

    fanx Tiggy – this was a really fun interview

  5. Charles & Mattie

    We loved your interview Beautiful Talulah!

  6. Charles Bissmeyer

    We loved your interview beautiful Talulah

  7. Nikkei Da Ninja

    Miss Talulah, what a brilliant interview. Loved It

  8. Jakey Foo

    Wow! You live quite the life my friend. And cute as a button. I may have to chat up your humans about this no cake thing!

  9. talulah

    thx…Tiggy is an excellent interviewer

  10. Guinivere Anne

    Fantastic interview Talulah. Informative and whimsical. You are lovely and rare.

  11. Mia Mai

    Rockin it gurlfwend. Love,Mia

  12. Pinto Bean

    You gave a winning interview, and all your pictures were lovely!!

  13. Buffy Tuckfield

    Very good interview. I love the idea of 25 degrees in summer… We are going to come over there and set up house in your back garden [you did say it was big]

  14. Elly Bleu Brinkley

    Talulah, what a great interview, my friend. Mattie told me where to go to read it. My mom has several friends in New Zealand so she was also very interested in what you had to say. Luv, Elly Bleu

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