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Dogs of the World – Welcome Kia all the way from the Motor City!

Posted by on March 13, 2013

Hi Kia!  Thanks for sharing with us today.

Pretty Girl!

Pretty Girl!

Tell us, where do you live?

I am a proud resident of Rochester Hills which is in Michigan in the United States of America

And, what is it like there?

I’d describe it as a suburban blended with walking – bike paths, in forested areas and along rivers.

How long have you lived there?

I’ve been here for four and a half years.

So, since you were just a wee puppy?

Sadly no Tigs, my first 3 years was spent with another family.


Well, they abused me and then eventually turned me in at the Michigan Humane Society.  Their claim was that they were moving and couldn’t take me with them.

Oh no, that’s sounds awful.

To tell you the truth, I’m so very glad to be free of them.

I’m glad you’re free of them too.

Who do you live with now?

I live with my wonderful adoptive parents.

Happy in my new home

Happy in my new home

Did you suffer any lasting effects from the abuse?

Well, when I first came to live here, I suffered from separation anxiety, which meant I wouldn’t let them out of my sight and followed them everywhere, around the house, etc.  I was also afraid if someone wanted to pet me on the head.  After being hit, by my previous parents, I cringed every time one of my new Humans would raise their hand to pet me; I thought they were going to hit me, too.

This is so sad.  Do you think you will ever get over that fear?

Yes, thankfully, I’ve since become used to the fact that they have never hit me and I am sure that they never will.

Learning to relax

Learning to relax

Do you have a nice yard to play in?

You bet I do!  I have a very large yard and if the mood strikes, I explore the entire yard.  Within a couple of months of living here with my new parents, they had an invisible fence installed.  Also, we occasionally have deer in the yard, because there is a lot of open space (or common area).  I really do enjoy my new home!

What breed are you?

I’m a Siberian Husky.

And, is your city dog friendly?

Yes. I can walk into town, if I want to, but I prefer car rides over walks.

Do they have dog parks in Rochester?

Not in our town, but there is one in a town close by.  I’ve never been to one, though.  I basically have my own dog park at home, with the invisible fence around the enter place it means I have the run of the entire yard – front, sides, and back.

Patrolling the perimeter

Patrolling the perimeter


Now, can dogs go in restaurants in your town?

No, only Service Dogs are allowed in restaurants and most stores.  Although, technically, I do provide a service, I guess it’s not one the government approves of, at least not yet.

How about buses and trains?  Can dogs go on public transit?

No, same as with restaurants, only service dogs are allowed.  Actually, being the ‘Motor City’ we don’t really have any mass transit, which is sad.

Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?

In the winter, when it’s chilly, I do have a sweater than I can wear, and I have seen other pets wearing sweaters in cold weather, too.

Many pet Humans dress up their animals for Halloween, too.

I seem to recall you and I have the same pumpkin costume.

Dressed for the occasion

Dressed for the occasion

Now, do most people in your town have dogs?

About half of our neighbors have dogs, I think.  We are in a subdivision of 429 homes.

And, what is the climate like where you are?

We have four distinct seasons…

Winter: We get lots of snow and cold weather.

Spring: Snow and cold to start then with rain and some sun.

Summer: High humidity and lots of heat.  Also rain and sun, too.

Fall: Cool weather, dry, usually.  Colder as it gets later in the season.

Snow Dog

Snow Dog

What is your favourite local treat to eat?

Dairy Queen!  (Here in Michigan, though, our local DQ is closed from November to March, for Winter)  I usually get my own cone or have to share one with my Mum.

Wow! You really are a lucky dog!

Yes, I suppose I am.  Other than that, I love Greenies, Beneful Snackers, Beneful Hugs, Beneful Quackers, Beneful Stars. Maurobones, Milk Bone Biscuits. I also love most treats that are NOT made in China; my Humans will not buy anything for me to eat, that’s made in China.  My Humans have an entire upper cabinet, in the kitchen, that is full of various treats for me.

What do dogs do for fun there?

Dogs here like to play catch and of course, go for walks.

Like I said, before, I prefer car rides over walks, though.  I do get a lot of exercise, though, having the entire yard at my disposal, etc.  Sometimes, I make my dad try to catch me while I run around the house – outside.  He doesn’t have a chance, to catch me, so I have to wait for him, then I take off again!

Thank you for telling us about your town Kia, I’m so glad your first owners decided to move without you!


6 Responses to Dogs of the World – Welcome Kia all the way from the Motor City!

  1. Carole Kirkpatick

    Nice story Tiggy, I love reading your blog!

  2. barbara erger

    i love huskys, my rescue cinderella was a husky mix and i loved her with all my heart. i only had her for about 10 years, then she wen to the rainbow bridge, but her beautifl fac is in pictures all over my house, and behind my bed. good luck kia, i know your new parents will love you forever.

  3. Marie Smith

    Wow your home town sounds PAWSOME Kia.Jazzy and I are beary happy dat you are now in a wonderful fureber home.All us furkids really do deserve one BIG HUGZ <3 xxoox

  4. RumpyDog!

    Really? Invisible fence keeps you confined? I know when I get a good running start, I could probably zip right on through…. at least, that’s what Jen thinks might happen. You may change her mind.

    • Vic (Kia's dad)

      In the beginning, Kia’s ‘Invisible Fence’ didn’t keep her in the yard. If she wanted to follow someone or something, she could blow right through the barrier. So, we had the ‘Invisible Fence’ tech out and he adjusted Kia’s collar and made it more ‘powerful’, knowing that Husky’s simply love to run. Kia’s been very cooperative ever since and has not broken through the barrier since then.

      It’s all about how strong the signal is in the animal’s collar…

  5. Carol Einkorn

    Love your story Kia, We love you from the pictures of you we have seen. You are definately living the good life.

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