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Dogs of the World – Trixie from Texas!

Posted by on January 29, 2013



Welcome Trixie!


Tell us, where do you live?

I live in Coppell, Texas USA, we are a suburb of Dallas.


Tell us a little bit about what it is like there?

We are pretty flat land here, we are inland.  We do get the benefits of a hurricane though which is nice in the fall to get the rain.


How long have you lived there?

I have lived here for 11 years (well at least since I was 7 weeks old)


Baby Trixie


How long have you been with your family?

My Mom and my hubro (Sean) picked me up from my canine mom and dad when I was just 7 weeks old.  At the time I came to live with Mom, Dad and Hubro, I also had an instant big canine brother named Clancy.


Who do you live with now?

I still live with my Mom and Dad.  My HuBro is now living in Japan and I haven’t seen him in 2 years.


Oh, that’s a long time…

Yep but he will be back in March for 1 week to see me before he moves to Germany.


Anyone else?

Oh ya, I also share my house with my little brother Rex.


My brother Rex and Me

What breed are you?

I am an authentic Golden Retriever Princess


Is your city dog friendly?

Everyone has dogs in our little city.  We are a very dog friendly place to live.


A friendly fight with my brother

Do they have dog parks?

Our city is in the process of building a brand new dog park.  For the time being we just go to the big park around the lake.  We are on leash but it’s okay, we have fun anyway.  If it is really empty at the park then we can go off leash.


Can dogs go in restaurants?

Dogs can’t go in but we are allowed on the patio seating.


Can dogs go on public transit?

Sorry, assistance animals only on public transit.


Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?

Oh yes!!  On halloween there is a costume party at the park just for the dogs!


Do most people have dogs there?

You betcha!  There are dogs everywhere here!


Snow Princess

What is the climate like?

Our “normal” highs in the winter months are about 55 degrees F with lows in the mid 30’s.  Summer months last a long time here with the “normal” highs in the mid 90’s to lower 100’s and the lows are in the 80’s.  We are rarely at normal temps though.  Tomorrow for instance, temp should about 75 degrees F in January.  We have more shorts weather than coat weather.  We are also pretty dry.  We have been in a drought for the past few years.

Pool babies


What is your favourite local treat to eat?

We like to go to a bakery in the neighboring town it is called Three Dog Bakery.  We like all of their treats but our favorite is the peanut butter birthday cakes!


What do dogs do for fun there?

We love our walks and I adore my llama friend.


Did you say llama?

Yes I did!  I love to visit my friend the llama.


Llama Love!

What else do you do?

Well, we swim all summer long and get to float on the raft in the pool.  Also in the summertime we get to have our “Frosty Paws” ice cream.


This is my pretty pose

Sounds like you are livin’ the good life in Coppell Texas!

We are!


Thanks for letting us take a peak into your world Trixie.

You’re welcome.

3 Responses to Dogs of the World – Trixie from Texas!

  1. Marie Smith

    Great story Trixie.Dis Is a great way to get to know all our doggie friends oxox

  2. HelenSugarplums Golden

    We just loved hearing all about Trixie’s life! We know her wonderful huMom and Trixie and Rex are so adored! Coppell sounds like a great place to live!

  3. Lestat

    Love you guys

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