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Dogs of the World – Stockholm’s Stunner!

Posted by on February 3, 2013

Today’s featured dog comes to us all the way from Sweden!


Welcome Rooney!


Tell us, where do you live?

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.


What it is like there?

A lot of water surrounds Stockholm and its suburbs.  There are also vast wooded areas where wolves and moose live close to us.

How long have you lived in Stockholm?

I have been here for 3 and ½ years.

Visiting with some of my cold weather friends

How long have you lived with your family?

I have been with my Mum since I was born on her bedroom floor, 4th June 2006.  We then moved to Sweden to live with a Crazy Swede when I was just 3.

Who is in your family?

I have my Mum, Dad, HuBro Oskar and HuSis Tilly

What breed are you?

I am a proud White German Shepherd

I should live in this Swedish castle

Is your city dog friendly?

Oh yes, very much so. Dogs are popular pets in Sweden and people like to be out and about with us.

Do they have dog parks in Stockholm?

Yes, there are dog parks, but people like to hike and go for long walks with their dogs a lot rather than just be at a dog park.

I like to take my ball to the park to play

Can dogs go in restaurants?

Yes they can.

Yes?! Did you say yes?

Yes I did!  We have special “dog cafes” in Stockholm for example.

Can dogs go on public transit?

Yes! How else are they going to get to the cafes Tigs?


It’s very common to see dogs on transit; on trains there are “dog coaches” and dogs are welcome on buses.

Let’s go for a swim!

Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?

Yes, small dogs.  But I am yet to see a dog with a wardrobe as unique as some dogs I know *sniggers*.

Do most people have dogs there?

Yes, the most popular breed here is the German Shepherd.  Swedes have exceptionally good taste!

There’s plenty of room for lots of dogs here!

What is the climate like?

We have long cold winters with temperatures down to -20 C  in Stockholm, but then we also have warm summers with up to +30 C.

Sometimes it’s cold and snowy


Sometimes it’s warm and sunny

What is your favourite local treat to eat?

It’s not a local treat, but I do love Custard Creams.  We can’t get them over here, but our family in England bring me supplies when they visit.  Also I enjoy almost anything the kids drop from their high chairs.  I have learned to situate myself strategically so the food drops directly into my mouth without hitting the floor.  In fact, I am quite an expert at this now :-)

What do dogs do for fun there?  Aside from lunching at the café with friends.

Dogs here enjoy long walks and splashing on the beaches.  There are also organized weekly dog walks in the area where we live.

Everyone loves the beach!

Thank you for telling us about your place in the world Rooney.  Is there anything else you can share with us?

It may interest readers to know that I was named Rooney because I was born just before the Football World Cup in 2006.  My 6 siblings were also named after footballers and their wives.  Due to my stunning charm and good looks, Mum fell in love with me instantly and decided to keep both me and my name.


5 Responses to Dogs of the World – Stockholm’s Stunner!

  1. HelenSugarplums Golden

    OMD! That’s so cool that you get to go to restaurants!



  3. Maxine Skinner

    Gosh, you sure are a handsome fella, and who ever was holding the camera certainly has talent! Thanks for sharing your story, by the way, do you shop at Ikea????

  4. RumpyDog!

    Wow! I wanna go live in Stockholm!

  5. talulah

    i only just found this ! i like the dogs in cafes thing ( a lot) and the custard cream eating. nice fotos too.

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