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Dogs of the World – Mindy the Oak Bay Retiree!

Posted by on January 19, 2013

Today’s Dog of the World is an actual genuine West Coast Dog like Tigs and Holly.

Welcome Mindy!


 Tell us, where do you live?

I live in an area (we call it a Municipality here) called Oak Bay which is located on Vancouver Island, in the province of British Columbia in Canada.  Oak Bay is a suburb of Victoria, which many more people will have heard of.  But to be honest, Oak Bay is where it’s at.

We like to consider ourselves a Little Bit of England.  Once in a while we have a wander around downtown Oak Bay, or the “Village” as we locals like to call it.  That’s when I like to put on my fancy girl dress and my nose turns up ever so slightly.  As we walk and look through the windows, I can’t help but notice that I start to bark with an English accent.  Weird but true.

Tell us a little bit about what it is like there?

My house is situated on a hill which makes me tired.  When I am made to walk up the hill, it’s simply downright exhausting and my big sister Samantha doesn’t like it much either.  We live in the city but are also close to a golf course and parks and the beach, so walking is good.

There are about 18,000 peeps in our burb, but the big city of Victoria has more like 360,000.  We are situated on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island.  I do love being surrounded by the ocean and yet still able to see the gorgeous Olympic Mountains.  It’s very green here all year round and I do my part to keep things watered, if you know what I mean.

How long have you lived in Oak Bay then?

Not long enough, only 2 years and 19 days.

How long have you lived with your family?

Didn’t you just ask me this?  Anyways, I’ve lived here for 2 years and 19 days, I was brought here on December 27, 2010 (on the very same day that Hholly found her forever home with Tigs I believe).

I came from a breeder in Surrey, BC, which is on the mainland.  I had my very first ferry ride that day.

GASP!  A breeder?

Yep!  I had been with (employed by) that breeder for almost 5 years and was so tired of having babies (I had 3 litters).  I tell you Pug maternity clothes suck!

So anyways, I was very happy to be going home to retirement with this family who wanted a grown up dog like myself and not a puppy.  I didn’t really mind where I lived before.  My sister Mandy lived with me, but I really felt that needed my own family to love and when I saw the Mother-Unit for the first time, I knew that this was the family for me.  Honestly, I heard the Mum try and talk the Dad into taking both Mandy and me, but he put his foot down.  One dog was more than he’d ever had before, two would have been completely out of the question.  My human sister Samantha really wanted Mandy but Mum was worried that Mandy was hmmm, how can I say this nicely?  Too chubby, yah, that’s it, too chubby to be a good family pet.  Now I know what you’re thinking, and while I may not be skinny, I am on the leaner side than Sis was.

Who do you live with?

I live with Mum, Dad and my big sister Samantha.  Sis really wants a horse but we really don’t have the space for it and they just aren’t as good at snuggles as I am.

What breed are you?

I’m 100% Pug and very proud of it!  My babies were a cross though, something called a Puggle.

Pug Pride

Is your city dog friendly?

Yes, very.  We have many dedicated parks and walks for dogs and during the off season I can go for a leisurely stroll on the beach if I want to.

Wild and Free

Do they have designated dog parks?

Absolutely, although Mummy doesn’t usually take me to them.  I’d rather walk down to our local coffee shop called Crumbsy’s and people watch.

Once in a while Mums will get off the couch and we’ll go to the dog park close to the University of Victoria.  Lots of people take their dogs there and it’s wonderful.  Even though I’m not much of a “Joiner” dog, I do like seeing the other dogs running around after tennis balls.  I’m not entirely clear on why they do it, but they appear to be having fun.

Can dogs go in restaurants?

No, unless the dog is a certified assistance dog and then they can.  This is too bad though, if I was allowed in a restaurant they wouldn’t need to vacuum after the guests left, I would have already hoovered everything up!

Can dogs go on public transit?

No, again, unless they are special helpful dog.  And I’m especially helpful in the kitchen cleaning up after Mum when she’s cooking, but it’s not enough to get me on the bus.

Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?

Yes, but I’m the best dressed, when I go out in my pretty girl dress, I stop traffic.

Sis and me

Our weather here is usually pretty decent that I don’t need a coat when we go for our walks sometimes I like to get dressed up just for the fun of it.  This photo is of me dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood with my big sister Samantha, in her usual daily outfit…hahaha only kidding, it was Halloween.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but a lot of clothes don’t fit me, I’m a “Barrel Chested” type dog, with a tiny little baby belly.  I’m short in the body length, so if Mum buys something that will fit around me, it’s almost always too long for me. She got me a wonderful warm green coat for winter but it’s not really functional because it’s way too long and I can’t actually go to the bathroom in it.

Do most people have dogs there?

I don’t know about most, only a few people on my street are lucky enough to have dogs, but when I go to the beach, or when we are boating, I see loads of other dogs.

Asleep at sea

What is the climate like?

I am lucky enough to live in the most beautiful place in the country, REALLY!  I have a view of the ocean from my front deck and when the weather is nice, I can see the Olympic Mountains off in the distance.

We get too much rain though.  I don’t like rain and try to avoid going out in it, but she makes me.  Our summers can get really warm, but if we are on the boat it’s ok, because I get the cool ocean breeze in my fur which is lovely.

On the boat with Sis

We had snow a few days after I arrived here and I had so much fun helping Mum shovel the driveway, it was quiet and safe for me to run around without worrying about cars on the street. I do prefer to be warm, but the snow was a fun treat.

What is your favourite local treat to eat?

I do love raw red peppers and little meat nibbles, although I only get those when Grandma Lin thinks no one is watching (but Mum is always watching).  Carrots are also a fun treat for me, I grab them and race to Mum’s bed and eat them there, they taste so much better on the big bed.

What do dogs do for fun there?

Well me personally, I love running around inside the house with Samantha, she starts chasing me and we run and run, until I get fed up and jump into Mum’s lap.

I also like being on the boat (not getting on or off the boat) but I do love it when I’m on the boat, I have been so many cool places.  One of my favourite places to go is Aunty Liz’s cabin on Savary Island.  Mum let’s me run free and I go for walks through the forest, it is amazing.  My 14 year old cousin Gus is there but we ignore each other cause he’s old and grouchy.  My best friend is Grace, she’s my other cousin and she’s an Australian Sheppard.  She’s really pretty, but when she comes over, she tries to steal Mum’s attention away, so then I go to her Mum to make her jealous.

Grace and Me

Oh, and when I get groomed at Wizard of Paws, , they paint my front toe nails.  I LOVE that!

When I stay with Grandma Lin she takes me out for rides on her scooter, don’t tell anyone, but sometimes we go into the mall and look in the stores, I ride on the foot pedestal.

Above all the best thing I get to do is sleep with Mum and Dad.  It wasn’t always this way, I used to be in a comfy crate but I missed Mum too much and now that my snoring isn’t too bad, I get to snuggle all the time.

Thank you for letting us learn about you and where you live.

No thank you, it’s been wonderful getting to tell you about my world.  Oh and next time Holly comes over to my house, could you make sure she doesn’t pee pee inside?  And um, next time I stop by to visit Tiggy and Holly maybe you could ask them not to bark at me so much, I found it rather offputting.


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