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Dogs of the World – I’m Pining for a PorkChop

Posted by on March 21, 2013


This is me!

This is me!

Welcome PorkChop!

Our first featured pet who is named after one of our favourite treats!

Before you tell us about your place in the world, we need to know, how did you get your name?

Well actually I don’t know for sure.  My original vet records from Florida said my name was Porsche.  The next family I lived with changed it to Porkchop and my new family continued with that name.

Now, tell us, where do you live?

We live in a rural area in the Chicago metro area (yes, there is such a thing).  We’re about 40 miles from the heart of the city so we get the best of both worlds, city and rural.

And Oprah, speaking of whom, do you know any of her dogs?

Um, no.

Please, tell us a little bit about what it is like there?

Where we live is heavily wooded and right on the Fox River.  In our yard, we have coyotes, wolves, fox, deer, ducks, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and possums with lots of birds. It’s also very hilly.

Wow! That sounds both fun AND terrifying!

Do you have to take any specific precautions to be safe amongst all that wildlife?  

We do have to take precautions.  If we see a predator in the back, we don’t go out until it’s been driven off.  If we see signs they’ve been there but are not currently present, we have to go out one at a time and we have to be on a lead.  After dark, we try to make a lot of noise, Mum wears a piercing whistle around her neck, and I have to wear a pup-lite.

My serious pose

My serious pose

How long have you lived there with your family?

I came to live with my family 17 months ago.

How did you find your family?

Well, it’s a bit of an interesting story.  I was with my former (then current) owners, minding my own business playing at a dog park.  My (now) Mum was there with friends.  She and my Dad had lost their last dog 9 months earlier and well, when she saw me it was love at first sight (or at least that’s how I describe it) for both of us.  She admired me from a distance and then she came and petted me.

She learned that my then owners had inherited me because of a divorce in their family.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they already had 4 dogs of their own and lived in a studio.  One of their dogs picked on me a little and they felt I would blossom from more attention.  So…..they wanted me to have a better life and agreed to give me to my now Mum where I became the center of her universe.

Who do you live with in your new home?

I live with my two dog siblings who were adopted within the past 12 months, two adopted cats who preceded me, and my Mum & Dad.  My dog siblings were not as fortunate as I was in my previous living situation but we are tending to their needs.

My bath mates

My bath mates

My brother was kept locked up from the time he was a puppy so he’s afraid of people, things, noises, new places, and other animals.  My sister was a brood mare at a puppy mill and has a litany of medical issues which culminated in a diagnosis of TCC last week.

What are your siblings names?  (Imagines Ribeye or ChickenFried)

My dog pack

My dog pack

No, no, my sibs are not edible.  My brother is Fogerty.  My sister is Hafsa which means “young lioness” because she is such a survivor.     My feline siblings are called Gizmo and Scheherazade.





What breed are you?

I’m a toy Australian Shepherd, 13.5 inches high, 13.5 pounds (after some serious shedding).

Furry me

Furry me

You’re just a little wee one, like our Holly.

Is your city dog friendly?

Very!  Chicago ranks as one of the top dog-friendly cities in North America.  Lots of places give you complimentary treats.

Happy Me

Happy Me

Do they have dog parks?

Lots.  Many have running water, restrooms for the humans, picnic areas, lakes, woods, nice trails, water pads.  Some are free, some are pay as you go, and others you can buy an annual pass for.  A couple even have a quarantine area for private play/exercise for nervous dogs like my brother.  We meet lots of nice people at the parks.

Can dogs go in restaurants?

Selectively.  Dogs are welcomed on the lakefront (Lake Michigan), Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, some shopping centers, lots of stores and in some restaurants/open air cafes.

Can dogs go on public transit?

No, that’s still a hold out here (unless you’re a service dog or you can hide inside a purse).

I would appreciate a treat

I would appreciate a treat

Do people there dress their dogs in clothes?

It runs the gamut.  You’ll see lots of dogs in sweaters, jackets and rain slickers at the dog park but equally as many without.  You see smaller dogs in outfits/accessories more often than larger ones but on holidays, plenty of dogs of all sizes put on “the dog”.

Dressed for success

Dressed for success

Do most people have dogs there?

I certainly don’t know the statistics but appearances suggest twice the national average.

What is the climate like in your part of the world?

Eeeek.   It’s too hot.  It’s too cold.  It’s too wet.  It’s too humid.  It’s too muddy and It’s too windy.  There are about 4-5 perfect days a year.



What is your favourite local treat to eat?

Well, Chicago is best known for deep dish pizza and hot dogs and, if it was up to me, I would have those things every day.

I understand you have a taste for finer cuisine as well.  Do you eat a special diet?

Special?… I haven’t found a food I didn’t like yet!  I enjoy a wide variety of both common and uncommon vegetables/fruits (although I haven’t tried jicama, artichoke, bitter melon or pomegranate) and I prefer that they be artfully presented.  I also eat lean meats, seafood, exotic snacks, and coconut oil.  The only things I don’t eat are sugar, dairy or grains.                  

What do dogs do for fun there?

We host or go to parties, sporting events and picnics.  We play ball and frisbee.  Also we do races and walks for charity and like to go hiking.  We swim.  We take tricks and nosing classes.  Often we meet up with friends at parks.

Sometimes we help dogs that need transporting for foster or rescue.  And our fun almost always involves EATING!

Ms. Hafsa = McGuilty

Ms. Hafsa = McGuilty

That sounds like a great place to live!  Thank you for sharing rural (metro) Chicago with us today.


6 Responses to Dogs of the World – I’m Pining for a PorkChop

  1. Rachel

    Porkchop is awfully cute!!! Sounds like a fun family too!

  2. Joan

    Porkchop has the prettiest hair, very photogenic.

  3. Iona

    Love that Pork Chop, she stole my heart too when I met her. Absolutely perfect and such a great inerview!

  4. Susie Krzciuk

    We LOVE Pork Chop!! He’s the best!! :)

  5. Christy Jackson

    Great story. What a lucky pup:)

  6. Jackieboy

    Pork Chop is a beauty, and she rules the roost at her house.

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