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Dogs of the World – Heading down the coast to Olympia, WA

Posted by on March 28, 2013


Here's Jackie!

Here’s Jackie!

Welcome JackieBoy!

We are very excited to have a fellow West Coast dog with us today.

Please tell us, where exactly do you live on the West Coast?

We are south of you, and in a different country.  We live in Olympia, Washington which is located in the North West corner of the USA.

Tell us a little bit about what it is like there.

Olympia is located in the South Sound (Puget Sound, that is) so there is lots of water.  We have about fifty lakes here too, but we do not live on one.  This is because my Mudder sez it is too dangerous for me to live on a lake, being part fish, you know.  This area is sort of flat and hilly both.  Mt. Rainier is one of our best attractions and very beautiful when the weather permits viewing it.

Forest Dog!

Forest Dog!

Do you live by the ocean?

Nope, we live out in the country in the middle of a forest.

Wow, that sounds like a great place for a dog!

It is!  We are on seven acres, but I don’t get to run free in the forest like I want to.  There all kinds of animals, coyotes, deer, bunnies, squirrels, possums, porcupines, etc.

That really is the forest.

How long have you lived there?

I have lived with my Mudder and Papa for almost four years now.  My birthday is in May.  Naturally, I expect to have a grand celebration.

I hope you do!

How long have you lived with your family?

I’m lucky to have been with them since I was a pup of six weeks-well not quite.



Not quite?

Well, here’s the story…I was on the way to the shelter and my hoosissie’s hubby rescued me.  So then I belonged to my hoosissie first, and my Mudder was pup sitting me in the daytime, and she fell in love with me, so then started the negotiations for me to live with my her forever.

Sounds like a bit of a custody battle.  So, how did it end?  Who do you live with now?

Now I lib with my Mudder and Papa.  I have a very scary sister named Bellableu.  She’s an Australian Cattle dog and sometimes she is very snarky!

Uh oh, what does she do?

She tries to nip my lips or ears!

How EVER do you manage?

Well she is always glued to the Mudder and otherwise likes her own space, so basically I need another sibling to play with.

What breed are you?

I am Golden Retriever, with strawberry blonde wavy fur, and a brain to match.

Tell us more about Olympia; is it a dog-friendly city?

Well I don’t go into the city much, but there are definitely a lot of dogs around.

Me and HER

Me and HER

Do they have dog parks?

We only have one off leash dog park and it’s is a muddy mess right now.  There is one other dog park, but it is not off-leash so we don’t go there very often.

Just me

Just me

Are there any particular places you like to go walking?

We like to walk on the Chehalis Western Trail which used to be a railroad track.  It goes for miles and miles.  There are three different places we go on it.  One trail goes by the Dechutes River and that is my favorite because in the summertime I get to go swimming there.

Can you swim there at other times?

No, my Mudder does not let me go in the winter because she sez it is too dangerous and moving too fast and it would sweep me away.

Can dogs go in restaurants where you live?

No, they can’t go in restaurants here unless they are a certified guide dog.  Wah!

Can dogs go on public transit?

No, I don’t think so.

Do people there dress dogs in clothes?

Well, I assume they probably do, but we have not seen it.  People with little dogs do it I am sure.  We get the occasional headdress for special occasions.

Do most people have dogs there?

There are a lot of dogs here, and horses and llamas too!

Yes I am looking at you!

Yes I am looking at you!

What is the climate like?

Well, similar to where you live on the west coast, the climate is a continuous drizzle.  We have more rainy “days” than any other city in the lower 48 states.  But when I say rain, it is usually just drizzle and gray skies.  The good news is, we never miss out on a walk because they have what you can “sun breaks” in the clouds, which is a North West thing.

Do your humans like it there?

Yes, my Mudder especially loves it here because she is from sunny California and she said it was so boring, sun every day.  Yuck.

How is the weather there during the summer?

The summers are wonderful here, and it is not humid.  Winters are 30s, 40s and sometimes it dips into the 20s.  Summers are anywhere from 60-90 but without the humidity.

What is your favourite local treat to eat?

Well I only get healthy treats, apples, cukes, pears and peaches.  I had to go on a diet a year or two ago and lost twenty pounds, so the treats are very sparing.  Maybe a bully stick once in a while.

That’s it?  You’ll starve!

Treat please

Treat please

Well, I do find a nice mole or frog in the grass every now and then, but my Mudder knows nothing of this so let’s keep it quiet.

What do dogs do for fun there?

Well we go for a walk every day, and then we have a big backyard and I am always searching for moles, squirrels and bunnies.  Then sometimes we go to the dog park, but not that often because I usually roll over on my back for the people to admire and pet me and don’t even bother to play with the doggies so much.  Mostly I just can’t help it, I mean look at me, who wouldn’t adore me?

Now you understand the custody battle....

Now you understand the custody battle….

Any other special things you like to do?

Yes, we have a pet parade in the summer, and there are always lots of different parks to go to and look at the birds.

Thanks Jackieboy, we really enjoyed hearing about what life is like in Olympia, Washington.

Sis and the original West Coast Dogs, Tigs and Holly

Sis and the original West Coast Dogs, Tigs and Holly


2 Responses to Dogs of the World – Heading down the coast to Olympia, WA

  1. Porkchop

    Great article! I learned some things about the NW. What cute dogs — the Olympia dogs and the original West Coast dogs.

  2. Jerri Caswell

    Jackie Boy is my nephew. I must say I like his sisters snarkiness because it keeps him in line. Did he tell you that he wears a loud,clangy vow bell so his mama knows where he is?? Jackie and his sister Bellablue are 2 very lucky pups!! I love them all!!

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