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Dogs of the World – Adelaide’s Dynamo – Noah!

Posted by on January 3, 2013


Festive Noah

Welcome Noah!

Thank you for being our very first participant in our new series on dogs of the world.

As you know, we’re travelling the world (virtually-speaking) and getting to know dogs and their families all across the globe.

Noah is joining us all the way from Adelaide, way down under in Australia!

Here’s Noah!

G’day mate!

Hiya Tiggy….

So tell us, what is life like for a dog in your fair city?

Well it’s pretty good here

Are you named after that guy with the ark by chance?

Well, um no, not exactly.  Actually, I got to choose my own name when mummy first picked me up at the Animal Welfare League back on Easter Sunday in 2007.  This was just after her and daddy had just put our big brother Bailey to sleep because he was suffering from cancer of the spleen.

Mummy looked at me and said, ‘Is your name Riley?’ (Which it wasn’t, so I didn’t answer.)  Then she said ‘Is your name Noah?’ and I raced over and gave her a kiss on the cheek because she got it right!  And well, the rest is history.

You can call me “Noah”

How old were you when you agreed to go home with them that day?

I was only 8 weeks old. I was so tiny I fitted easily into Mummy’s hand.

What breed are you?

The people at the animal welfare league said I was a Kelpie cross.

Were they correct?

Well, my Mum and Dad have kinda worked out that I’m also part Staffy (you just look at my chest and you will see).  They also suspect that I may have some dachshund or fox terrier in me too.  They say for sure that I have Whippet in me because I can really fly like the wind when I run of leash.


Handsome young man

Are you a healthy speedy guy?

Well, back when I was just a pup, Mum and Dad realized I had skin and eye problems.

Oh no, what sort of problems?

My eyes get real thick yucky stuff coming out of them and I have special drops for them that seem to help.  They get real itchy and water mostly in summer but it can happen any time of the year.  My skin allergy is still yet to be determined as to what I have.

What does it look like?

I break out in very nasty red blotches on my tummy, under my arms near my man bites and also on the base of my tail.  Sometimes they can look like cigarette burns.

Can they do something to make it better?

Well, my poor Mum and Dad have tried so much to help me clear it up but so far nothing has really helped me. 

What have they tried?

You name it they’ve tried it!  I’ve had fish oil tablets, antihistamine tablets, raw eggs, raw oatmeal baths, emu oil shampoo, tuna with olive oil, Manukah, honey, grain-free dry food, chicken, vegetables and even brown rice.  I’ve also used epi –soothe which is a leave on conditioner for dogs with dry skin.

We’re sorry to hear about your difficulties, I hope they sort out a solution soon.


Could you tell us a bit more about your life in Adelaide?

Sure, what did you want to know?

Is it dog-friendly?

Yes pretty much.

Who do you live with?  I mean who makes up your pack?

I live with Mum, Dad and my little sister Jazzy. She too is a rescue from the same place mum and dad rescued me. She was only 5 months old when she came to live with us.  We have no idea what breed she is either.  Mum and Dad think she has some Chi in her.  She has some serious ‘tude you know what I mean?  BOL.  She also, must have some Whippet in her too ‘cause she can run pretty fast. 

Pretty pretty Jazzy girl!

Do you have dog parks?

Oh yes!  We have a great big dog park two streets away from our home.  We also have a dog park about 10 minutes away in the car.

Can dogs go in restaurants?

No, not unless you’re a designated Service dog, like a seeing eye dog, hearing dog or any other form of Service Dog.

Can you go on city buses or trains?

No, same as with restaurants, not unless you’re a designated Service Dog.

Do people dress their dogs in clothes?

Well we do!  We have a good winter wardrobe because being short-haired breeds we do feel the cold.

Noah in his thundershirt

Do most people have dogs there?

YES!  I think almost every second house just in our street alone has at least one dog.

Do you get much rain or poor weather?

Thankfully, no.  Adelaide is known to be the driest State in all of Australia.

Playing with a friend

Do you like going walking even if the weather is nasty?

Well we have raincoats to wear so if we really pester mummy she will take us out for a walk.

What is your favourite Australian treat to eat?

It’s called a RUFF.   Made by an Aussie company called Purina.

What do Australian dogs do for fun?

We LOVE going to the park, just to run and run and run off leash.  We love to have a good game of chasie with each other.  I’m usually the one doing the chasing though BOL!.

Happy Together

Thanks for sharing with us today Noah!

If you would like to share your dog’s story and tell us about the city you live in, please contact us at


5 Responses to Dogs of the World – Adelaide’s Dynamo – Noah!

  1. Marie Smith

    LOVE It thanks Tiggy ~

  2. Sadie & Sniffers

    Hi Noah & Jazzy! ❤❤❤this is a very lovely site you have!

  3. Bella Smetak

    That’s my man Noah!!!! Swoons. He is famous. I just love your interviews tiggy. You are such a good reporter.

  4. Janice Holladay

    Oh, yeah for Noah! Thanks for sharing your story. I especially like the story about your name. I hadn’t heard that one before. Good job, Tiggy!

  5. talulah

    I like that thunder shirt Noah and the fotos….another great interview

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