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DNA Testing For Dogs

Posted by on May 13, 2011

DNA Testing Kit

Important Note from Tiggy and Holly

– If, after reading this, you’d like to do DNA testing on your dog, please visit  They will make a $10 donation to the animal shelter that we came from.  All you need to do to make it happen is, on the form where it says, ‘where did your purchase your test’, please indicate WestCoastDogs for RAPS (this stands for Richmond Animal Protection Society).

 Everyday newspapers and online ads are offering up dogs for sale. Dogs of every breed shape and size are available for a price. If you look closely and are an astute negotiator sometimes you can find what seems to be a bargain. You may be offered a ‘non-papered’ purebred, which means getting the dog you want at a reduced price.

But are you getting what you ordered? What looks like a purebred may,

a breed of mystery

 not be a purebred after all. Papers can be falsified or, as noted above, there may not be papers at all. If only you could see into your dog’s DNA would you be able to tell what breed he actually is.

Alternatively, you may be looking for that ideal mixed-breed. You may specifically seek out a combination of breeds that will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. A solid hunting dog, a running companion, a calm complacent dog for your elderly mother or a delicate portable pet to be the child you never had. Regardless of what you are looking for it’s not always obvious to confirm that that is what you’ve ended up with. Animal shelter and rescue organizations know full well that some breeds are more popular than others and the dogs that can be categorized as ‘part’ of a favourable breed will likely find a home sooner that a dog who’s DNA may suggest a less popular breed affiliation.

In any case, whether you’ve purchased a puppy, adopted a young dog or been to a shelter and rescued a dog, as the dog ages, its mannerisms and behaviours may not suit the breed characteristics that you had anticipated. An option that is now available to dog owners everywhere is dog DNA testing. There are multiple websites offering this service.

There are many benefits to dog DNA testing. Dog owners know that particular breeds can have particular strengths and weaknesses whether it be in regard to training, behavioural mannerisms or possible future health concerns. Knowing what breed or breeds are in your dog’s make up will allow you to take preventative health measures. A greater understanding of your dog’s DNA make up may also impact your approach to training or at least greater patience if you’re dealing with a more challenging breed.

Conversely, some dog owners undertake dog DNA testing simply in the

Proud to be ME!

 spirit of fun and interest. Giving a breed name to your faithful family pet only adds to their appeal. Instead of answering the inevitable question with ‘oh he’s a mixed-breed’, dedicated owners will revel in telling people he’s a ‘Labraspanhound’, or a ‘Huskpomtzoodle’ instead.

Undertaking the actual test using the online kits available is a very simple and painless procedure. Contrary to popular belief, a blood sample is not required. The process simply involves taking a cheek swab (using the materials provided by the testing company), and sending the swabs in for testing. It is important to follow the exact steps in the kit to ensure accurate test results. Results take from four to six weeks depending upon the lab you are dealing with.

Tiggy here – I did my testing two summers ago.  The shelter thought I was a Chihuahua Basenji Cross.  Boy did they guess wrong!  Read my poem to find out what I really turned out to be.


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4 Responses to DNA Testing For Dogs

  1. christy jackson

    MALTASS! Wondering if we’ll ever find out what Hholly is??

  2. Helen Supgarplums Golden

    We think you should run a contest through the blog about HHolly’s DNA. It can be two-pronged. One part will be to guess the actual analysis and testing results. The other part can be what HHolly most physically resembles. Folks could post their speculations here. The first listed correct results will win. I think the prize should be a coveted new limited edition TMEW featuring both Tiggy & Holly.
    Since we are the first to suggest it we are gonna guess HHolly’s physical characteristics as Pug/Chihuahua, we are gonna guess that as her DNA as well.

  3. Helen Supgarplums Golden

    Take a regular Q tip, rub it on something really tasty like a piece of left over meat from supper. The bring it to HHolly’s nose. Do that a few times until she wants to taste. Intro duce a tiny treat after she opens her mouth for the qtip. After she tries the meat flavored Qtips and gets treated for it several times, substitute the plain one.

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