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Before I was me….a poem

Posted by on May 6, 2011

Before I was me…..


Before I was me I was a chi,

With dark chi eyes, and a face so wise


I was a typical chi who loved the heat,

A typical chi who was tidy and neat


I barked when startled and protected the house,

Other times I was snuggly and quiet as a mouse


My shelter beginnings were fading away,

I’d found a new home and was happy to stay


But then one day my new HuMum read about a test,

She said that checking my DNA would be for the best


She opened the package and read the fine type,

She said, ‘Tiggy don’t worry, it’s gonna be all right’


Of course I consented in typical chi style,

As she swabbed my cheek I managed a smile


But inside I was nervous and worried and sick,

What if I wasn’t the sweet chi that she’d meant to pick?


And then it was there in bold black and white,

No trace of a chi was anywhere in sight


I could no longer deny what the whole world could see,

This handsome little beast was no longer a chi


Oh how I fretted, I worried and I cried,

It’s as if the real ‘me’ had just up and died


My identity was gone, I didn’t know my own roots,

I was now some confuddled breed with little white boots


Then much to my wonder, delight and surprise,

HuMummy scooped me up with happy tears in her eyes


It’s a miracle she said, its fantastic this DNA news,

Look at all of your breeds from which we can choose


You’re a Maltese, a Basset, a Husky some Poodle and there’s more,

Some, Shih Tzu, Irish Terrier and yes, Weiner dog! What a score!


From that very moment, I knew nothing again would ever by the same,

Maltass Huskpomtzoodle Dascherrier, was my new proud breed name


And although there are times when I do miss being a chi,

I’ve happily embraced this exciting new me


Happy Tigs

10 Responses to Before I was me….a poem

  1. ~Savannah Honey~

    OMD! THIS is priceless. Beyond any words or monetary value, priceless!

    Tiggy, you never fail to make me smile!

    Love you lots my little Maltass friend.


  2. christy jackson

    I love this! Your mom (I mean you, the writer:) have a career in writing awaiting you!

  3. Dianne Kuzio

    I’ll say it before Nancy Peel does – what a (Canadian) loon!!

  4. NancyGran

    What a wonderful poem!! You did a very good job writing it!! You have made GingieMummy and NancyGran very very proud indeed!!!

  5. Helen Sugarplums Golden

    This i wonderful. Although we are slightly disappointed that you left out the period when you were a mini GR.

  6. Jeff Ogre


  7. BUFFY

    mixed breeds r the best according to my mum, they live longer and have less health problems and look at us we are beautiful lol luv Buffy X

  8. Gunnar

    Awesome, how much does the testing cost?

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