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About Us – Whatcha might be wonderin’

I’m Tiggy, Chief Correspondent for West Coast Dogs.

I live in North Delta, British Columbia with my Humans (Sarah and Scott) and my nippy little sister Holly.

I’m  an 8 1/2 yr old Maltass Huskpomtzoodle Dascherrier.  I was surrendered to the Richmond Animal Protection Society when I was 5 yrs old.  I enjoy walking, snowshoeing, visting the beach, fishing on our boat, camping and attending dog friendly events.

We decided to create this website to share our adventures with the world :)

I mean business!

And I’m Holly Grace, Dog Blogger for West Coast Dogs.

I live with my big brother Tigsy and the gang.  I am a dog with attitude.  I’m just a young thing, just over 1yr old, a Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher cross.  Or as the vet said on Saturday, ‘a challenging combination’.  I am full of energy, some Humans call it ‘piss and vinegar’ whatever that means.

I like running and jumping and barking and cleaning my Tigsy’s eyeballs!  I look forward to many adventures with my new family :)

And this is our HuMum Sarah, she’s our typist and sometimes we’ll let her post stuff and maybe add her two cents.

She is a novice dog owner, I’ve made things easy for her (Tiggy) and I’m helping her to expand her dog management skills (Holly).  We think she has great potential.

at Mt. Seymour with the beasties

5 Responses to About Us – Whatcha might be wonderin’

  1. Kathie

    Hi Sarah….Nice seeing you today at Penny’s lunch. Love you website!!! Tiggy and Holly are very cute, and can definately tell well loved. I will definately folllow their adventures. Maybe next year they can meet Molly and Sadie my two Miniature Schnauzer’s at the Paws for Cause walk.

    Take care,

  2. Manatee

    Hello Tigs and Holly!

    I love the website! Sorry I missed you two today – I hope you had fun out in Langley! :)

  3. Gerry Lyons

    Love this site, can’t wait to see you next posts.

  4. Darlene and Bryan Chun

    Good Morning Fellow Furbabies!

  5. Chester Hoover

    Hiya Tigsy!!! I didn’t know bloggin was another one of your MANY talents! I useta blog too until my editor decided she wanted a life and it wasn’t all about me. I could not work around such a lousy attitude so I let her go. Maybe I’ll take her back when she comes begging for her old job again. Maybe.

    Lookin’ forward to gettin’ to know you better.
    Woofs and slobbers,

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